Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

From Amazon:
The Hunger Games (2008) is a young-adult science fiction novel written bySuzanne Collins. It was originally published on September 14, 2008 by Scolastic It is the first book of the Hunger Games Trilogy it introduces sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world in the country of Panem where North America once stood. This is where a powerful government working in a central city called the
Capital holds power. In the book, the Hunger Games are an annual televised event where the Capitol chooses one boy and one girl from each district to fight to the death. The Hunger Games exist to demonstrate not even children are above the Capitol's power

My Review: 
WOW, this book far exceeded my expectations-I was absolutely riveted!!
This book has stayed with me. I found myself haunted by the imagery, my dreams were saturated with the characters, and every conversation over the past few weeks have started with have you read the Hunger Games.

Taking place in world that revolves around the ultimate reality television show- 24 enter, only one can be the victor, there is nothing light and fluffy about this book.
I found myself rooting for Katniss, and though her naivety started to get on my nerves, her genuine heart redeemed her in my eyes.

Without wanted to spoil it for you, trust me when I say this is a page turner, and that it will leave you questioning our own society, and wondering how far we will go before we too will have Hunger Games....